Tango Macbeth

Tango Macbeth

Shakespeare, dance and world music! A theater company rehearses Macbeth. A film crew documents their every move. The drama of the play interweaves with the drama of the making of the film. It’s unlike any version of Macbeth you have ever seen.

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Tango Macbeth

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  • Tango Macbeth

    It’s a play, within a documentary, within a film. It’s Shakespeare’s Macbeth for today’s multicultural audiences. It’s a deconstruction of Macbeth with world music, contemporary dance, and cinema verite. It’s a film that is unlike any other interpretation of Macbeth.

    Synopsis of the film: A th...

  • Q&A with Cast & Crew @ TANGO MACBETH World Premiere

    DATE: March 22, 2012
    LOCATION: Painted Bride Art Center- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    CREDIT: Shot and recorded by REELBLACK
    SUBJECT: Cast & Crew Q&A at the World Premiere of TANGO MACBETH. Find out what happens after the cast and crew views the film for the very first time. Nadine Patterson, th...

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