Tango Macbeth

About the film & director

What is TANGO MACBETH? It's a play, within a documentary, within a film. Nadine Patterson’s film combines Shakespeare, dance and world music! A theater company rehearses MACBETH. A film crew documents their every move. The drama of the play intertwines with the drama of the making of the film. It’s unlike any version of MACBETH you have ever seen. ~~~~~ NADINE PATTERSON is an award winning independent writer/producer/director who works at the crossroads of narrative and documentary cinema. She earned her MA in Filmmaking from the London Film School. Go to www.tangomacbeth.com or www.hipcinema.net for more information.
  • Cast

    • Lady MacbethAlexandra Bailey
    • MacbethCarlo Campbell
    • MacduffBrian Anthony Wilson
    • BanquoVeronica Wathome
    • King DuncanJames Tolbert III


    • DirectorNadine M. Patterson
    • ProducerMarlene G. Patterson
    • Assistant DirectorMartha Conley
    • MusicLenny Seidman
    • ChoreographerZane Booker
    • Production DesignerJohn Roberts
    • SoundSerena Reed
    • EditorSharon Mullally
    • Camera AGail Lloyd
    • Camera BNadine M. Patterson
    • Camera CJohn Roberts/Carmella Vassor
    • Consulting ProducerFederico Spoliansky
    • Additional MusicJorge Retamoza
  • Hidden Book added to Bundle

    Aug 09, 2014 / Nadine Patterson


    Thank you for your purchase of TANGO MACBETH. We added a special hidden feature. When you open up the film to stream on your device, scroll down and you will see 2 files for my book ALWAYS EMERGING. One file is the book, and the other is the cover. Pages 66-68 are about TANGO MACBETH. The complete book is a pocket guide to independent filmmaking. Part memoir, part advice guide. Let me know what you think!

    All the best,

    Nadine Patterson, director TANGO MACBETH

    What's New for Tango Macbeth?

    Aug 03, 2014 / Nadine Patterson

    Hello Film Friends! Spanish subtitles are now available when you stream TANGO MACBETH online at VHX.TV. We also added a special bonus feature. You can now watch the uncut Q&A with cast and crew at the world premiere of the film with a live audience. Enjoy!

    Cheers, Nadine Patterson, director

    P.S. New York screening TANGO MACBETH at the Museum of the Moving Image Friday August 15th, free for members of SAG-AFTRA